Volunteer Crew Positions

Art Team

Results will be to support the seminar participants and Darren Jacklin by creating a very fun learning environment with outstanding signage and visual aids inside and outside the seminar main room.

Door Greeters

Results are to do whatever it takes to enhance the experience for all seminar participants, guest speakers, trainers and Darren Jacklin and to further ensure maximum positive results for all and to oversee safety and security at all times in the seminar room.

Hand Out Team

Results are to make sure that every seminar participant receives all course materials and handouts on time. To support and please Darren Jacklin,Guest Speakers and trainers so the seminar progresses smoothly and without interruption.

Mic Runners

Results You are committed to getting the microphone to seminar participants as quickly and safely as possible while being supportive and alert and having lot’s of fun.

Production Stage Support

Results are to provide absolute certainty to Darren Jacklin, Guest Speakers, Trainers and other production team members by supporting them with whatever it takes to meet and exceed their outcomes!


Your results are to be the welcoming light and greet and ensure accurate and speedy enrollment and tagging of all seminar participants in a warm, friendly professional manner. To give each seminar participant total certainty that their needs are being met and their concerns are diffused.

Security Team / Handlers

Your results are to provide a safe and secure environment for Darren Jacklin, Guest Speakers, Trainers and the crew and all seminar participants.

Signs and Banners Crew

Your Results will be Right Sign, Right Place, Right Time, Visible To All!

Crew Support

Your results will be to monitor and keep all crew members in peak states by keeping them motivated well nourished and informed.

Supply Team

Your results are to have all supplies delivered to the right place at the right time.

Success Store

Your results are to have a fun time creating a desirable environment in which people buy more.


Your results are to make sure that every seminar participant finds a seat effortlessly and calmly, and also to ensure that all seats in the front row are filled.

Water Team

Your results are to make sure there is enough water available at all times for every seminar participant, Darren Jacklin, Guest Speakers, Trainers and all crew members. Be ready and aware at all times to support water continuously.

Wheel of Fun

Your results are to support the contestant to feel like they are the most important person in the world. To make the “Wheel of Fun” exciting and fun for the entire room, create a sense of anticipation of what prizes the wheel will pick. You are to create lots of teamwork through cheers, laughter and support of the seminar participants in the entire room.

Zen Team

Your outcome is to have the most spotless, esthetic environment for all seminar participants. You are to be timely, efficient, graceful, inspirational.

Audio Visual Logistics Crew Members

Your results are to have music cued up and ready to go for all exercises, breaks and state changes. You must be able to read the audience and adjust the music accordingly.

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