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What do we stand for?

Leaders Yielding 2 New Knowledge

“We are a community of philanthropic mentors developing
causal leaders whilst connecting the dots for both sides
of non-profit transactions.”


  • Philanthropic Investor Challenge
  • Uncertainty of what cause to contribute to
  • Uncertainty of organizational experience to impact
  • Lack of investment transparency
  • Lack of cultural sensitivity
  • Corruption in governing areas of aid
  • Corruption of organizational fund distribution
  • Security of on ground resources & staff

Foundation Target Causes

  • “How does my organization grow and perpetuate its message, allowing
    my cause to stay relevant, funded and engaged?”
  • Resource sparsity: food, clean water, shelter, education, power
  • Ecosystem preservation/regeneration
  • Sustainability
  • Women empowerment
  • Community resilience
  • Poverty reduction

Philanthropic Investor Solutions

  • LY2NK leverages existing relationship equity developed over the years
    • Access existing global knowledge of successful non-profit organizations
  • LY2NK vets compliant organizations
    • Access to mentors who have created successful organizations through a leaders-facilitating-leaders model with a philanthropic mission
  • LY2NK vets organizational leaders (identified as Leader in Training, L.I.T.)
  • L.I.T. is a program focused on developing strong role models and organizational leaders
  • L.I.T. personnel is facilitated to implement their programs in an open, transparent model
  • L.I.T. personnel are guided in organizational expansion and reach

Foundation Contribution Channels

  • Land purchase and development
  • Construction of schools
  • Education program
  • Nutrition & food development programs
  • Human trafficking and sex trade prevention
  • Ecosystem clean up
  • Community development – entrepreneurship & employment

Philanthropy Solutions LY2NK


Co-Founder, President, C.E.O. Tatiana Mersiadis
Co-Founder & Business Development Darren Jacklin
Vice President Ben Newman
Board Director – Treasurer & Secretary Don Winsor


C.E.O. Tatiana Mersiadis
C.O.O. Ben Newman

Philanthropy Solutions Worldwide

Tatiana Mersiadis

Tatiana Mersiadis

President, Co-Founder & C.E.O
As a retired educator, Tatiana Mersiadis grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and learned early on that teaching was her passion. She moved to Vancouver British Columbia from Montreal Quebec. She studied Education at McGill University and worked in many different school boards across Quebec and British Columbia. She was an educator for over 35 years, with a Bachelor of Education and Physical Education from McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec, a Diploma in French Education from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia and a master’s degree in Education from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, today, Tatiana is also working as a PhilanthroInvestor. She is committed in expanding her cash flow investment portfolio. Her Private Family Foundation called Leaders Yielding to New Knowledge (LY2NK) is helping support the creation and site of a new sustainable school in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Her life demonstrates to follow our dreams, no matter how great.

Darren Jacklin

Darren Jacklin

Co-Founder & Business Development

For over 23 years, Darren Jacklin has traveled four continents and personally trained over one million people in over 46 countries. He has mentored entrepreneurs and business owners on specific and measurable strategies. These strategies have then been implemented into businesses to increase income, transform obstacles into cash flow and turn passion into profits. Darren has an uncanny ability to increase wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities. His talent has captured the attention of Tiger 21, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC TV, CBS TV, Global TV, international radio stations, magazines and newspapers, movie producers, best-selling authors, CEO’s and business experts worldwide. Darren is also a featured as an international celebrity in the 2015 movie The Treasure Map.
Darren Jacklin currently sits on paid international boards of directors and advisory boards of public and private companies and with this experience has successfully advised a small private American residential real estate company to grow to an internationally recognized publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. He has also personally trained 157 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, as well as high school, college, and university students and lastly, professional athletes. His experience has connected him with people in more than 130 countries.

Ben Newman

Ben Newman

Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Ben engages with the world in an advisory, educational and consultant role. He is primarily involved in projects with philanthropic values, from humanitarian to environmental causes. Ben is simultaneously passionate about bolstering people’s health and in business development that contributes to the success of each of these causes. Alongside his passion for fitness, his role as a personal trainer and health educator culminated in working with Nottingham Forest football club and a Physical Education degree. Ben is a serial entrepreneur as he developed the businesses Pillars of Health, Project 4 Living Systems and a volunteer organization CoFood, where he built an urban farm. This led to his involvement as a working group member with the Vancouver Policy Council and a fascination with food. Currently, he sits on the board for Kids For Africa, a charity in
Uganda where his leadership role contributed to developing the LY2NK foundation, as well as the leaders within it. However, Ben is not afraid to do the grunt work in the field, as he is also the Community Development Officer for CMM Canada in the slums of India and engages street children in Uganda via Hypers Born Talented, a grassroots performance art group. As for environmental causes, Ben serves as the Community Development Advisor for a global renaissance mining company ABC Legacy Minerals and as a facilitator for Future Oceans Foundation and holds a Permaculture Development Certificate. Through all of these he can apply his extensive experience in education, corporate team building, project design, management, RnD and land development.

Don Winsor

Don Winsor

Board Director – Treasurer & Secretary

Don’s background has been in leadership in multiple fields from telecommunications to humanitarian work. His experience also involves multiple board appointments for organizations around the world. He is the owner of Afaayo Canada Consultants Inc. This is a for-profit business to generate revenue in order to give back. Matching people who have private funding with people who need funding for projects of various kinds. Don uses his past business experience to help new or struggling companies grow their own business. Don is also presently the Chief Operations and Development Officer of Calcutta Mercy Ministries Canada. He is responsible for overseeing overall function. CMM Canada is a Canadian charitable organization that does medical and compassionate care in Calcutta, India.
Don was also the Executive Director of Watoto Canada for over 10 years. $50 million was raised for this Foundation in Africa and grew from 300 to 10,000 monthly donors. This registered charity supports Watoto’s work in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda, and Juba, South Sudan. The Watoto model is designed to provide vulnerable women and children in Africa with holistic care and to impact communities in the process. The model involves physical care, medical intervention, including HIV/AIDS treatment, formal and vocational education, counseling and emotional well-being. His recent direction is to set up a mining company called Almri, that will focus on leaving a generational sustainable legacy globally. This company was created to join philanthropy with investment to create a better blue and green planet while education is promoted.


We Stand for Leaders Yielding to New Knowledge

Who We Are

We are a community of philanthropic mentors developing causal leaders whilst connecting the dots for both sides of non-profit transactions.

We are a link between leaders in the business world, people who wish to give back and contribute to strongly vetted causes.

LY2NK mentors and teaches the skills inherent in leadership & teamwork which helps build up longevity / legacy within organizations making them wise opportunities in which to invest your emotional capital.

By linking causal leaders to businesses and individuals whose support they seek, we can develop longstanding interpersonal relationships ensuring the sustainability of that cause.

We solve these inherent challenges by connecting each side of the coin with well led, well-vetted and transparent causes, individuals and organizations.

Problem Statement

Challenge #1

Not enough people know where, or how to apply their passions and their resources where their desire-for-change lies.

Challenge #2

A major challenge exists because these organizations vie against each other to clamber for the apparent scraps that are an individuals’ goodwill.

Challenge #3

People’s vision can be limited by their understanding of the charitable giving process, cultural sensitivity and of business sense.

Organizations Making a Difference


Our Causes

Our Causes
1) The Well-Wishers Dilemma; How do I know that what I am investing in will make a difference, and
where did my investment actually go?

2) The Causal Challenge; How does my organization grow and perpetuate it’s message, allowing my
cause to stay relevant, funded and engaged.

The Well-Wishers Dilemma vs Causal Challenge

The Well-Wishers Dilemma

Those who wish to “do good” with their capital, align their relationship equity and facilitate organizations who struggle to vet individuals who share the same values and goals. They want to make sure that their capital is properly invested, and to know what difference they are personally making in the lives of others.

The Casual Challenge

The organization is seeking support, but looking for longevity and also to build relationship equity with those seeking them. They need to learn how to do this in a complicated global arena; being compliant with high-level expectations, straddling cultural divides and understanding how and why philanthropists are willing to engage.


Hand-outs have limited value, where hand-ups pay longterm dividends.

Step One

LY2NK leverages the business skills and leadership training that we have received and teach within our business practices.

Step Two

Next, we leverage our extensive knowledge of global non-profits and the vast relationship equity we’ve created over the years.

Step Three

This is all funneled into a vetted and compliant organization where leaders are identified (LIT – Leader In Training). Time is invested in helping them become strong role models, and strong organizational leaders.

This LIT individual is assisted in implementing their programs in such a way to ensure openness and full transparency. They are also encouraged to grow as individuals via proxy their organization, whilst knowing they are fully supported.

Our Approach to Philanthropy



“If you’ve been blessed; Learn to be a blessing”
~Randy Ponzio

Capital Target


Our Team

LY2NK Our Team


Industry Leaders

Industry leaders

Foundation Milestones

Foundation Milestones

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • The first organization we have engaged with is a registered charity in Uganda, East Africa.

An agency agreement is in place.

Core Values: Education, sports/teamwork, equal opportunity, community development,
sustainability, self-sufficiency, health & wellness and skills development.

  • Kids for Africa Sports Academy
  • Uganda – Registered Ugandan Charity
  • AKA: KFA or Kids for Africa
  • Executive Director: Marvin Benjamin Asimwe
  • Location: Massaja B Zone, Uganda


Foundation Milestones

  1. Raised Capital to purchase land in partnership with Kids For Africa
    #LandPurchase – $6,000 USD was raised to purchase a second acre of land for Kids For Africa Sports Academy. This is the first step in building a school to educate at risk boys and girls. This is part of an ongoing initiative to purchase upwards of 33 acres of land. Once built, this school and academy will house, feed, teach and coach hundreds of children. The school will provide skills training, and engrain community service and responsibility so that once they graduate, they can be successful members of society. KFA has found land that will enable them to be sustainable, and self-sufficient. They’ll also be able to teach this to upcoming youth, granting them strong survival skills, a leverageable marketable skill-set, and teach them community resilience. The land is to be held in the registered charities’ name: Kids For Africa.
  2. Kids For Africa Sports Academy
    #GoldCup – We facilitated and donated the videography budget for the Gold Cup: a youth soccer tournament played on May.18th-19th, 2019. It was attended by 382 children. We were also pivotal in forming a relationship
    between KFA and other sponsors who contributed directly via other corporate sponsorship.
  3. Kids For Africa
    #GirlsNation – We raised funds for 11 teen-aged girls who could not afford sanitary napkins via lunch-and-learn programs executed by our outreach team in various cities in the USA. This supplies them with sanitary napkins
    or one year that are made locally in Uganda.
  4. Exam Fees
    #Education Project – We raised capital in April 2019, by paying for school fees for 3 low-income primary students in writing their grade-level exams to ensure they can continue their education.
  5. Outreach: Larry Yatch
    #Speaker – February 28 & March 2, 2019
    The Navy SEAL Secrets for Leading High Functioning Teams in Every Aspect of Life
    To raise capital for Foundation use.
    35 guests
    2-night event
    Pay-per-plate event
    Offering guest ‘Mindset Training’
    $1500 CAD was raised

Contact Us

Tatiana Mersiadis


Mobile: +1.604.803.9622

Email: info@ly2nk.com

Address: #125 – 1489 Marine Drive,
West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1B8