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    In my early 20's I was literally fighting for my life. I didn't believe in myself and had no self-worth. I had no direction, no focus and no purpose. In the midst of that pain I made a commitment and promise to myself that I would find my confidence and give back to the world by being a resource for people in need of the same. My mission has been to travel the globe and reach over a million people, helping them to believe in themselves and to live inspired lives. My training and development over the last two decades has enabled me to model effective Leadership and Communication Skills, allowing me to empower individuals and corporations in both their personal and professional lives. My legacy will not be what I said or how I said it, it will be how I made people feel about themselves, how I helped them become and accomplish more than they ever thought they could. I will continue to be the lighthouse that keeps them off the rocks and on the safe path to the destinations of their dreams.

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