Our Mission:

To Stabilize Families & save
neighborhoods while raising the conscious level of help in the investment world.

Our Vision:

USA at the Top 10
“Countries With Highest Home Ownership Rates” Ranking.

Great Hands-Free Double Digit Returns Backed
By Real Estate, While Helping Families.

Our unique system generates greater safety, amazing cash-flow and everyone wins. We want you to become a PHILANTHROINVESTOR®. That’s a philanthropist and an investor. Someone who grows their capital while helping others.

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Outstanding Cash-flow Return with a Heart

We acquire American houses from banks and make them available to investors far below current market prices. Then we find families to fix up, live in and take care of the homes for less than the cost of rent while paying a high return to investors. We are dedicated to providing outstanding value to real estate investors and home buyers alike. Using our connections and expertise, we are helping investors achieve their financial goals while making a real difference in people’s lives.



Help us assist families to reach the American Dream
– owning their own home.
And receive generous rewards for your help!



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Philanthroinvestors® looking for the security of real estate 


Investors looking for the security of real estate and purchasing below market properties then helping match deserving families with investor properties is what we specialize in.


Join our team of Philanthroinvestor® Ambassadors 


Join our team of Philanthroinvestor® Ambassadors. Help families and investors while generating profit for yourself. Find out if you qualify here.


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Investing and Philanthropy - secure investments in real estate while helping families