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The Benefits of An Advisory Board

1: My team and I can help in the development, implementation, training and on-going mentoring/support in the following areas:


  • Strategic planning and initiatives.
  • Metrics, KPI’s and lead indicators.
  • Scaling structure (for example licensing).
  • Annual and quarterly planning and reporting sessions.


  • Operational platform.
  • Technology enhancements.
  • LEAN mythology.
  • Process and procedures.
  • Product development.
  • Governance in all areas.


  • Attraction and retention of “A” players.
  • Advisory Board setup, selection and participation.
  • One on one and group mentoring for all team members and consultants.
Darren with Jason Gesing Executive VP, Business Development, eXp World Holdings, INC.

Darren speaks with Jason Gesing Executive VP, Business Development, eXp World Holdings



  • Fiscal accountability, process and procedures.

Revenue generation:

  • Business development.
  • PR/Marketing and social.
  • After care programs.


  • Brand character building.

2: With our structured support, you will be able to achieve the following to include but not limited to:


  • Build a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting rhythm with proper agenda.
  • Make very concrete and informed decisions.
  • Stop chasing shiny objects.
  • Build a succession plan.
  • Prepare your brand for an acquisition, IPO or other.
  • Leverage our diverse list of contacts.


  • Build an operational and strategic platform that scales.
  • Achieve the same look and feel every time.
  • Access our complete set of tools and templates.
  • Use technology as a business accelerator.


  • Hold everyone accountable.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Attract the very best people to your brand.
  • Get the very best out of your people.
  • Remain the “visionary” and set the “integrators” up for success.


  • Increase revenue.
  • Increase margins and profits.

Revenue generation:

  • Open new markets.
  • Increase lines of revenue.
  • Build a legion of “raving fans”.


  • Tell the character side of your brand story to emotionally attract people and business to your brand.

A properly composed and structured advisory committee can be a tremendous complement to the effectiveness of the board of directors as it works to carry out a specific initiative.

Darren Jacklin serves on paid Advisory Boards and paid Board of Directors of private and public companies internationally.

Darren has built relationship equity with the following:

  • Single Family Offices
  • Multi Family Offices
  • Wall Street Executives
  • CEO’s of Major Companies
  • Royal Family members
  • Darren has also worked with (HNWI) High Net Worth Individuals, (UHNWI) Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
Darren Jacklin at the Nasdaq Listing for eXp World Holdings, INC.

Darren Jacklin in New York City at the NASDAQ bell ringing on January 31, 2019

Proven Results:

Darren Jacklin was the first Independent Director to join the Board of Directors (BOD) of eXp World Holdings, INC. on May 22, 2014. Darren continues to serve as an Active Board of Director today.

eXp World Holdings was a small start up company with 200+ agents and staff in 2014. Since then, the Company has grown to be listed on the OTC Market and then to NASDAQ (EXPI). The Company continues to make strides forward toward it’s goals and growth with annual revenues of $500+ Million USD.

Highlights of the Achievements of eXp World Holdings, Inc.

eXp World Holdings joins the Russell 2000 Index June 28, 2019
Named Glassdoor “Best Places to Work” 2018 & 2019
Revenue increased 153% year-over-year to $157 million Q1 2019 Highlights
eXp World Holdings, Inc. NASDAQ Listed: EXPI May 21, 2018
$62 million in revenue $188% increase year-over-year Q1 2018 Highlights
Transaction volume closed increased 188% to $2.3 billion Q1 2018 Highlights
Total revenue increased 203% year-over-year to record $48.1 million Q3 2017 Highlights
Total cash increased 255% year-over-year to record $3.3 million Q3 2017 Highlights
eXp Realty International became a publicly traded company: EXPI 2013
Quote, Glenn Sanford, CEO, Chairman and Founder, eXp World Holdings



Testimonial for Darren Jacklin from Gene Frederick, eXp World Holdings INC., Board of Directors


Board of Directors
eXp World Holdings INC.

Darren Jacklin fosters collaboration and effective working relationships with stakeholders that promote cooperative goals and contribute to an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. He Inspires a shared vision and aligns performance goals and objectives for teams and individuals to ensure match with strategy while maintaining group cohesiveness, motivation, commitment and effectiveness.

Testimonial for Darren Jacklin from Mike Calhoun, CEO of BoardOfAdvisors.com


CEO and Founder

Truth is evident in a professionals track record, reputation and actions. Mr. Darren Jacklin exemplifies what it means to act and operate with absolute integrity. With no ego his primary focus is giving, contributing and connecting others with resources and connections they would otherwise never acquire. He understands the complexities and diverse challenges in business with clarity of thought and can focus founders, CEOs and ownership in their decision making. Few men are as connected and strategically deliver leverage as Darren. If you are looking for an advisor that can direct and execute, look no further.

Testimonial for Darren Jacklin from Suzy Truax, eXp World Holdings INC., Board of Directors


Board of Directors
eXp World Holdings INC.

In our time together on the Board of eXp World Holdings, I discovered Darren’s exceptional leadership due to his positive intentionally, strategic thinking and his knack for keeping his finger on the pulse of the human experience. He is that rare business combination: simultaneously pragmatic and an expansive thinker.

Testimonial for Darren Jacklin from David Reeve, CEO of Aerocar Service and Gateway Valet, Founder of Unleash Culture and Unleash Dreams


Aerocar Service and Gateway Valet
Unleash Culture and Unleash Dreams

I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating on projects with Darren Jacklin for seven years. Darren is not your typical entrepreneur. In fact, he is a CEO, COO and CFO all rolled into one. He is a visionary and integrator. A rare combination that results in bringing a very balanced approach to everything he lends his energy to. He leads by example, is a purpose and core value champion, brings the very best out of everyone he encounters and is making a huge difference around the world. Get Darren into your personal and business circle of influence. You will be glad you did.


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