Virtual Assistant

For all your training and seminar needs, we introduce to you:

1920 Business Solutions.

Your brand is an asset that creates value for your business. Think of it as an investment, instead of an expense. It is what separates you from your competitors and it’s also what let’s you charge a premium. Virtual assistants build powerful brand identities for clients that want to dominate their niche — they’ll even help you define that niche.


We are a training and mentoring Team aiming to develop people and provide practical solutions by equipping, encouraging and empowering. We believe that people can change if and when they believe that they can. This principle inspired us to organize this group to help your employees reach their potential and move on to the next level.


Effectiveness and efficiency of your employees in their given areas of responsibilities is guaranteed with our most holistic approach possible. With 1920 Solutions’ experience since 2004, you can be sure that you are on your way to raising the bar of your employee’s performance and thus increasing competence in their given role.



Founder Mr. Al Echegoyen of 1920 solutions, has studied Management in College and has extensive experience in Marketing and Team Management. As a Businessman, Mr. Echegoyen excels in the business of facilitating change and improving the lives of people around him.