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Our Purpose: To open the door to families wishing to live in their own homes while giving financial freedom to investors through stable real estate.

Through our connections and expertise, we acquire bank owned (REO) properties far below market value and sell them to our investors at a small mark-up which enables us to recover our capital and rapidly acquire new properties. The investor may do whatever he wishes with these properties.

Most investors opt for our unique low-maintenance program to generate 12% ROI or more backed by high-equity real estate. We re-market the properties to families to fix up, live in and improve the homes on a Contract for Deed or Land Contract. The investor receives about 5% down and monthly payments over a period of 20-30 years with 12% annual interest. They become what we call “Family Supporter Investors,” which has many benefits.

Equity and Help has been published in the Inc. 500

Equity and Help has been published to the Inc. 500

These Are Our Investor Statuses:

City Hero 1000 Houses
Platinum Town Builder 800 Houses
Gold Town Builder 650 Houses
Town Builder 500 Houses
Gold Town Builder 350 Houses
Gold Civilization Supporter 250 Houses
Silver Civilization Supporter 150 Houses
Civilization Supporter 100 Houses
Platinum Community Supporter 75 Houses
Gold Community Supporter 50 Houses
Silver Community Supporter 35 Houses
Community Supporter 20 Houses
Platinum Family Supporter 10 Houses
Gold Family Supporter 5 Houses
Family Supporter Investor 1-3 Houses

We invite you to become a “Family Supporter Investor” and get greater stability and increased profits compared to most investments because you are helping us to fulfill our mission so that more families can live in their own home.

These levels of membership have benefits and are acquired for life once obtained. This means that once you become an investor with us, each house you buy in the future from our company will be at the level acquired, for you or any primary heir who may inherit your investment in our company. You will find more details in the Equity and Help Home Investor Special Report, “Shelter from the Storm.” shall we find a link to this report?

Example Homes Available:

Property OH-45805-001 | Lima, OH

Real Estate Investing Example Home 1


Monthly Investor Cash Flow: $375

Income Backed by Real Estate for: 30 years

Annual Return to Investor: 12.5%

Approx. Market Value* $57,432

4 beds    1 bath    1,672 sqft.

This single-family home is located at: 223 N Woodlawn Ave. Lima, Ohio.

*Approx. Market Value from Zillow.com

Property VA-41517-002 | Martinsville, VA

Real Estate Investing Example Home 2


Monthly Investor Cash Flow: $566

Income Backed by Real Estate for: 20 years

Annual Return to Investor: 12%

Approx. Market Value* $96,956

4 beds    2 bath    2,408 sqft.

This single-family home is located at: 415 E. Church St., Martinsville, VA 24112

*Approx. Market Value from Zillow.com

*Prices paid by investors is usually lower than families/home buyers, who may pay a premium. Investors may initiate our program with the minimum purchase of 3 houses, the total cost of which can be as small as $60,000. Investors receive the full down payment, principal and interest on properties they purchase when vacant. They receive principal and interest on occupied properties. Investors may elect to receive the income monthly or roll it over into additional investment homes. Download our free Equity and Help Inc Investor Special Report, Shelter from the Storm, for more information.

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