Access To Capital


The Darren Jacklin Group of Companies Can Fund Projects Anywhere From $50,000.00 USD To $500,000,000.00 USD

Cashflow Is The Lifeblood Of Your Company.

Expanding your business and needing access to Private Capital? The Darren Jacklin Group of Companies Inc. can support you finding alternative finance solutions.

About: Darren Jacklin Group of Companies Inc:

Darren Jacklin Group of Companies is the collective investment portfolio of Darren Jacklin and Tatiana Mersiadis. Darren Jacklin Group of Companies manages a portfolio of businesses across diversified industries that share the common goal of driving success through people, a long term perspective of value and a passion for excellence.

Mission Statement: We acquire assets for cash flow and in turn use the cash flow to acquire more assets.


Our Application Process For Private Capital

Chronological steps:

Step #1:  Execute a signed Deal Sheet (non-binding commitment)
Step #2: Submit an initial Due Diligence Form (information on your company)
Step #3: Set Up a Discovery Telephone Call with a set Meeting Agenda
Step #4: A signed Mutual Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement (MDNA)
Step #5: Submit a Needs List

  • Financial Statements
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Proceeds of Funds
  • Credit Report

Step #6: A complete Deal Analysis through our Internal Due Diligence Process conducted by our Law or Private Investigation Firm.
Step #7: Feedback on the Deal Analysis
Step #8: If we are raising capital through one of our partners then.

  1. Engagement Letter will occur.
  2. Consulting Fee Agreement.
  3. Success Fee Agreement.

Pieces included:

  1. Deal Sheet: This lays out a legal document with a provisional timeline. It is non-binding on either party to follow through with the deal that you have presented to us. However, it is binding in allowing us to pursue this deal before you offer it to other investors and in keeping our deal confidential.
  2. Initial Due Diligence Request: Submitting basic Information. Please complete this request within 15 days. If you are unable to provide any of the information documents, please contact Tatiana Mersiadis as soon as possible.
  3. Complete Due Diligence Checklist: If your application is successful the following criteria will need to be fulfilled:
    1. Confirm your business model, management strength and potential
    2. Go through a due diligence process to ensure you are:
      1. Legally sound
      2. Financially sound
      3. Environmentally sound